Sunday, 23 February 2014

Water, water everywhere...

Yes, there certainly is a lot of water here in Cookham and it's not advisable to drink it, because I am of course referring to flood water. Little did I know when I wrote my last blog about the flooding in the locality that it would happen again, and much worse this time. It has been the wettest winter for more than 100 years, according to the Met Office, and the Army was called in to defend the country from this 'unprecedented natural disaster'. Extraordinary times or perhaps not so if these weather patterns keep recurring.

The new waterways created by the swollen Thames kept the birds happy and I've seen plenty of seagulls. However none as well fed as the one in the painting I am blogging about. That's because it's from a photo of a seagull in Cornwall and it looks as though it has got away with a few tourists' fish 'n chips. I find them pretty scary actually. The painting is the second one I've done from a series of photos taken by my friend Lindsay FitzPatrick.

Here follows some pics showing how the painting progressed:

Seagull Mark II 

'Seagull Mark II' by Karen Davies
30cm x 30cm oil on canvas
For my next painting I plan to raid the fruit bowl to do a still life: I fancy painting something tangible rather resorting to photos for a change. In the meantime, let us hope for a dry spell.

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