Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Coat of many colours

Family life seems to be limiting my creative output of late; that and the fact that my studio is very cold and damp and therefore uninviting during the winter months! Yes, I'm a bit of a lightweight, this is why I have only two paintings to show you. Perhaps the new year will bring with it a wave of inspiration for me!

The first painting was done from a photo I took on my last day on holiday in Croyde Bay, north Devon last summer. The waves were so rough that the lifeguards had put up the red flags to indicate that it was too dangerous to surf that day. Not that I am a surfer – I prefer to watch from the beach. I took some snaps from the garden of Baggy Lodge, a laid-back surfers' hotel and cafe, which backs onto the rocks on the road leading from the beach to Baggy Point. 

Baggy Lodge, Croyde Bay

It's great there because you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea whilst supping on a very reasonably priced coffee. Here's the photo that I used for the painting. 

My photo of the rocks behind Baggy's

And here are three pics of the painting as it progressed. After looking at some paintings by Kyffin Williams, the Welsh painter famous for his use of the palette knife, I tried to be more gestural in this particular piece of work. I thought this style would suit the mood of the picture.

On the rocks (one)

On the rocks (two)

On the rocks. 2012 (final)
Oil on canvas (25.5cm x 30cm)

It is difficult to capture a moment in time with paint, but I enjoyed trying.

The other work that I have completed is a painting of my sister's beloved cat, Stella, and it was for her birthday so I didn't want to make a hash of it. I took a few pics of the cat, mainly in repose – her preferred position! I chose the one I thought would make the strongest composition and set to work on a large canvas.

Stella (one)

Stella (two)

Stella, 2012.
Oil on canvas (40cm x 50cm)

The painting framed

I ordered a frame that picked out some of the colours of the cat's coat, blue and gold. I used Picture Frames Express again as I have been impressed with the quality and price of all the frames I've had from them so far. I'm pleased to report that Angela was delighted with the result and it now hangs in her living room. 

Lately I've been dabbling with acrylics again. The benefits are that they dry quickly and can be used indoors, so could solve my problem of not wanting to work in a damp studio. I'll let you know how I get on with them. Some other news is that designer Annette Taylor-Anderson has kindly put some of my prints for sale on her new website ATA Designs interior online shop. Her work is cool, urban and contemporary and sells internationally. So a big thanks to Annette!

Great, another blog done and dusted. Now I can get back to my favourite Christmas present: David Walliams' autobiography, Camp David. Gripping stuff. So before my 'Computer says no!' I'll bid you a happy new year.