Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year, New Studio


Towards the end of 2013 things got rather hectic, owing to the upheaval of a house move. Relocating to nearby Cookham meant that I couldn't paint for a while, but I have managed to clear a space in a workshop behind the garage, which I am calling my studio. As you can see in the photo, it is not the most comfortable of spaces, but it has light and (some) heat, plus I have the guinea pigs, Comet and Rocket, for company.

The studio
The 'work in progress' for this eponymous blog is on the easel in the photo. Yes, it's another crab – the third painting I've done of this subject – but I don't have the other two in my possession anymore and I miss them and wanted another one. This latest one is painted on board, not canvas, and is just 19.5cm x 30cm:

Crab and shrimp II (oil on board) by Karen Davies

Many more people will have heard of Cookham now, because the village flooded last week and it even made the front page of The Times on Friday. An ariel shot showed the gardens of properties along the Thames and the surrounding fields submerged in river water. It's awful for the homeowners who have been affected, but the bird life are probably enjoying it. This is how the moor leading up to the high street looked this afternoon. The road connecting the other part of the village is still impassable.

Floods at Cookham moor, 2014

All this has come about because of the increasingly extreme weather patterns this country now experiences. Apparently, one month's worth of rain fell over the Maidenhead area in just one week. I wonder what Stanley Spencer would have made of his beloved Cookham being submerged. Pretty shocked, I suppose, but I reckon he'd be out there working away at his easel.

As it is my first blog for a while, and the first of 2014, I am offering a FREE giclee print of 'Three Mackerel on a Plate' to the first person to email me, via my website, to express his or her interest in it. I will print the winner's name in my next blog. The unframed print is 30cm x 25cm plus border, and is signed. It looks like this:

Three Mackerel on a Plate

Until next time, good-bye and good luck.